The Universal Power plug is a an easy to carry and a perfect one-size-fits-all solution charger for all digital devices like mobile phones, tablets, music players, and gaming consoles.

"Its advance technology automatically senses the charging requirements of any device plugged into it, and adopts itself to the device. The result is a single, truly universal 550Watt charger that provides optimum charging for all your devices," Marketing Head of LAPCARE India Barkha Bosman said.

It also offers additional feature of a USB port slot and can be used in more than 150 countries.

Silent features of Advanced Universal Charger:

•Smart profile auto charger for all devices including USB devices such as smartphones, tablet, gaming consoles and music players
•Automatically senses the charging requirements of almost any device plugged into it.
•Delivers up to 550 watts of charging power to devices
•USB type socket works with the device's USB charging cable
•Comes with 4 types of PIN