Semwal: The enemy taking advantage of darkness will no more be able to escape the alert eyes of the security forces. Thanks to the Instruments Research and Development Establishments (IRDE) which has developed a lightweight device which guides ammunitions right on the target.

In a major breakthrough, scientists of IRDE have come up with a ‘Lightweight Laser Target Designator’ (LLTD), which will not only reveal the distance of the target but will also hit its target with greater accuracy.

Senior scientist at the IRDE, Saurabh Verma said trail of the device has already been done successfully. The instrument developed to designate or illuminate target for missiles, until now was only available with the United States.

“Apart from the day time, the laser guided missile will now be able to mark the distance of its target in the night as well, thus hitting it with great accuracy,” he said.

Earlier, the defence force of the country was armed with missiles which could hit only in the daylight. The missile with the current technique could shoot the target in the range of 5 Km.

But the new laser target designator can hit the target at a range of 10 km with pinpoint accuracy.
According to Verma, barring US, none of the country has this technique at present.

“Majority of the formalities required for its approval has been completed and the device will soon be commissioned into the force,” he concluded.

Important Facts

# Latest successful trial of the ‘Lightweight Laser Target Designator’ was carried out in Suratgarh, Rajasthan.
# The LLTD weighs 20 Kg against the old technique which was of 30 Kg.
# The LLTD device cost over Rs one crore.