Islamabad: Lashkar-e-Jhangvi chief Malik Ishaq, the alleged mastermind of the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket and who was recently released from jail, is again preaching hatred and violence in the name of Islam, according to a report prepared by Pakistani officials.

Ishaq, accused of murdering 70 people, most of them Shias, had been involved in "highly objectionable activities", said the document prepared by a law enforcement department of the Punjab government.

The document, titled 'Highly objectionable activities of Malik Ishaq', said: "Please find enclosed herewith four vernacular reports regarding some highly objectionable activities of Malik Ishaq whose name has also been placed in the fourth schedule of the Anti-Terrorism Act for information and appropriate legal action".

Persons included in the fourth schedule of the ATA have to be watched by police at all times.

'The Express Tribune' newspaper quoted the document as saying that Ishaq addressed Maulvi Muhammad Yasin's Madrassah Tajul Aloom at Tab Chouhan on September 2.

Earlier the same day, he delivered an address at Maki Mosque in Thal Hamza district.

"All those against (Spiah-e-) Sahaba, are not our personal enemies, but the enemies of Islam. And we will fight them. We cannot tolerate these elements at any cost," Ishaq was quoted as saying during his address.

On September 4 and 5, Ishaq visited Tranda Panah with Shafiq Maavia, who too is included in the fourth schedule of the ATA.

This programme was hosted by Ayub Maavia. Ishaq later attended a 'Difa-e-Sahaba' conference held at Madrasa Qasamul Uloom, which was hosted by Maulana Manzoor Amed.

During the conference, they chanted highly inflammatory slogans.

Ishaq again vowed that the "killings of the enemies of Sahaba would continue".

"Prisons will not stop our mission. The LeJ is not a terrorist outfit. It was set up to ensure proper respect for the companions of the Holy Prophet," Ishaq said.

He said he would not abandon the LeJ's mission even if he was jailed again."Our struggle will continue," he reiterated.

On September 6, Ishaq visited the house of high-profile terrorist Abdul Wahab alias Aanek Wala Jin, whose name is included in the 'Red Book', a list of most-wanted terrorists.

Ishaq and Syed Ghulam Rasool Shah, a close aide of Ishaq and co-accused in various cases of terrorism registered against the LeJ leader, have been barred from entering Toba Tek Singh district for three months due to provocative speeches.

Despite the LeJ being declared a terrorist organisation, policemen have been deployed at Ishaq's residence in Mohallah Islam Nagar.