"I can't imagine that we have seen worse 10 years in the Parliament's history than these 10 years. So much so that PM says his heart bleeds at what he sees... Then why does not he act. Members of the Cabinet leap into the so called Well of the House and participate in process of tearing up papers and all that... They still remain the ministers... May be, he needs someone to tell him sack all those who are doing so," the BJP leader said.
More than the bad governance of UPA which has seen a lot of corruption and damaged economy and growth, Advani said he felt more sorrow over the huge damage the institution of Parliament has suffered in the last 10 years.

"He (PM) says my heart bleeds when I see such scenes in Parliament. He had called us for dinner after watching those scenes. I said your heart bleeds. I feel ashamed at what I see in Parliament," the veteran parliamentarian said in his sharp denouncement of the PM's alleged inaction.

It is not impossible if the tally of ruling party plumbs to an all-time low after the elections, he said.

Advani also attacked the AAP government in the capital, saying sarcastically that "We have a ruler who says 'Yes, I am an anarchist'."
Apparently referring to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his government without mentioning them, he said, "A government which is supposed to establish order through its rule says its job is to spread anarchy... What you can say about government which believes in establishing anarchy."


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