"The AAP calls upon all honest, nationalist and peace loving people of the country from all communities to reject and defeat this dangerous politics of using religion for cynical electoral gains," it said.

A party statement accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Samajwadi Party of attempting to rake up communal issues for political mileage. "Fortunately, the people of Uttar Pradesh and the country, especially both Muslims and Hindus, after having understood the intention of these parties, have ignored communal politics played by them."

The statement also accused the BJP and related rightwing groups of unleashing ‘a barely concealed conspiracy aimed at polarising Hindus and Muslims, especially in UP.’

It said that the Samajwadi Party government in UP is ‘also playing a cynical game of counter-polarisation by appearing as the saviour of Muslims.’

"This is a very dangerous game and if it succeeds, it will lead the country to enormous social disorder and communal conflict."


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