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Laughter is the key to healthy living

It is usually said that ‘zindagi ka doosra naam zindaadili hain’ (jocundity is another name for life). But this jocundity is seen in very few people. Do you remember those carefree childhood days when you used to laugh and enjoy with your friends? It is true that you cannot rewind those days but at least you can try to steal some time from your busy schedule to just relax and laugh your heart out. We might have all the luxuries in the world, but nothing can replace a precious smile and a hearty life.

Laughter opens knots of conscience

According to psychologists, calm and shy persons are more prone to be affected by mental stress, depression and psychological problems because they cannot easily express their feelings and emotions. Laughter can act as a medicine for such persons.
In this context, psychologist Dr Ashum Gupta says, “There are several thoughts related to frustration, jealousy, personal flaws and depression suppressed in the mind of people which they cannot express due to social inhibitions. Unknowingly, on a subconscious level these emotions get disclosed by people in the form of laughter and this process helps in keeping us tension free and relaxed.”

Laughter is a social need

There is a common saying that ‘laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone.’ To remain happy in every situation and to try to put up a little smile even in adverse situations is considered to be an innate acceptable social characteristic. In today’s busy lifestyle, there is hardly any time to waste. So in the little available time, try to be happy.
You have to fight the battle of your life alone. People can just give you suggestions at best, rest is up to you, whether you want to implement their suggestions in your life or not. People who often share their problems with their kin and friends become a cause of stress for them. This habit of theirs also compels people to avoid their company.

The first condition of a good life

In this context sociologist Renuka Singh says, “In every society across the world, pleasant personality is appreciated and everybody likes to spend time with such persons. A stressed person also feels happy in the company of such people.” Such happy-go-lucky persons have many friends.
According to psychologist Dr Ashum Gupta, to look happy and pleasant from outside is considered as the first condition of success. Impression management training is provided to management students in grooming classes.

They are taught to project the happy side of their personality despite being sad or depressed while interacting with people at workplace. This is because lively personalities are liked by all. Now-a-days this is considered as an important requirement in the professional sphere. Apart from this, if you have a pleasant personality you can build good relationship with others in your society.”

Search for two minutes of joy

Today’s lifestyle has become so hectic that anyone hardly can manage to sneak in just two minutes of comfort. In this context sociologist Dr Renuka Singh says, “The pace of Indian lifestyle has exceeded so much that there is no time for anyone to sit and think over an issue or even to be sad. People are losing their concentration power also.

That is why people need everything instantly. This is true in case of humour as well. People want entertainment which can make them laugh instantly. That is why comedy and laughter shows have become so popular.” It is seen that laughter is hidden somewhere within you. You just need to search it and laugh your way to everyone’s heart.

I laugh heartily: Sreesanth, cricket player

I am an extremely jolly kind of a person and believe in enjoying life to the full. I love to live a life filled with enthusiasm, glamour and love. I express my feelings openly. If I feel happy after hitting a good shot during my match I express my happiness by waving the bat or dancing on field.

I am a carefree person: Delnaz Paul, actress

Stress affects health so I always try to be cool and happy. I am a fun loving person. Laughter is my stress buster. When I have a fight with my husband Rajeev, all of a sudden I burst into laughter during the fight. I laugh at my own lines. After that the anger within me vanishes.

I like comedy movies: Sajid Khan, film director

I have been a humorous person since my childhood. But my light mood has proved to be my undoing at times, especially when I am in a bad mood and people are expecting me to make them laugh. Actually, jolly persons are liked by all. I love to laugh watching comedy movies.

I am never in a foul mood: Kailash Kher, singer

I never take stress. The entire world is an amusement park for me. I am never in a foul mood. I somehow find all people to be happy. I always follow the principle that ‘be happy and try to make others happy as well’. My friends consider me to be the heart of every gathering or party.

Laughter therapy, an infallible medicine

Laughter therapy is being used across the world as an alternative medical treatment. Albeit laughter therapy dates back to ancient times, but modern laughter therapy started from the year 1939 which witnessed the beginning of laughter therapy as a treatment. At that time, clowns were called to hospitals to make polio affected children laugh and cheer them up.

This method of treatment had a very positive result on patients. Research findings of Dr Lee S Berk and Dr Stanley Tan of Loma Linda University in California published in ‘Humour and Health Journal’ suggests the following benefits of laughter:

1.    Laughter can control blood pressure.

2.    When we laugh, the immune system of our body becomes active. Besides this, it helps in destroying infected cells and cancer or tumour affected cells in our body.

3.    Laughter strengthens your respiratory system and increases the secretion of hormones which fights against diseases. When you laugh, the oxygen supply to your lungs increases which helps in removing tiredness and stress.

4.    Laughter itself serves as a great painkiller. Laughter can relieve you from the pain of arthritis and headache.

5.    Laughter is considered as a good exercise for facial muscles.

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