"There is no 'godfather' scene. There is no favouritism. If there is a connect with somebody I like that person...you want to work with that person...today there are date problems with other big stars. Somebody had given me a break too, so why not give a break to others," Salman said.
The actor says if he finds somebody good and has faith in his/her talent, then he will surely launch that person.
In his upcoming film 'Jai Ho', Salman is introducing Daisy Shah. She used to be a junior artist, a background dancer, after which she became an assistant choreographer and later did some films in south.
"She is the right candidate to be in the film industry than some model coming in who does not know how to speak the language. In case of Daisy, she is a dancer, a good actor and she looks good on screen. She deserves to be in the industry," Salman said.
"Like Ajaz Khan (former 'Bigg Boss' contestant), he deserves to be in the film industry or Santosh Shukla (another ex-'Bigg Boss' contestant). He is very effective in the promos (he is there in 'Jai Ho'). We need these kind of people who love the industry and not the kind of people who come in the industry as the last option," he said.


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