Already under attack from all quarters for the unruly law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh, the Mayawati-led government is now facing allegations and accusations for the mysterious death of the accused in CMO murder case, Dr Y S Sachan, inside Lucknow jail. The prima facie evidences as of now are hinting that the mysterious death might be a plotted murder and if this is so then the BSP government should be solely held accountable for this heinous crime. The incident essentially demands that the investigation of the case should be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). After all the twists and turns, no longer can the Uttar Pradesh police be relied on to reach to the root of the case. Else it can also be put in this way that the UP police will not be allowed to investigate the case in a proper manner. However, the statement from the state government accusing Dr Sachan of being the mastermind behind scandal and devouring thousands of crores all by himself, is ridiculous. Further, Dr Sachan has been held responsible for the murder of two Chief Medical Officers. This story seems concocted because of two reasons. Firstly, the state police had claimed to have arrested the killers of the CMO six months back. Secondly, it is impossible for a person seating on the post of Deputy CMO to initiate a scam worth thousands of crores without the higher authorities knowing about it. The resignation of two ministers related to the health department six months back on the ground of so called ‘responsibility’ was sufficient to make people doubtful. If the state government is clean at heart and unbiased then it is desirable that they demand for a CBI probe in this case. Actually, this would be the saving grace for Mayawati government and only resorting to this can make the government win the trust of people.

The murder of two CMOs and the mysterious death of the accused Deputy CMO in these two murders is an issue of a high-level intensive investigation because of the possibility of the involvement of a big scam of medicine deal worth three thousand crores of rupees. The surfacing of this kind of scam now and then, not only in UP but in other states as well, shows that whenever there is any kind of business transaction at the government-level, lakhs and crores of money is laundered. Not only things are bought at a much higher price than its original rate, besides, unwanted things are also purchased to amass government wealth. This is especially true in case of medicine deals. It is a serious concern that graft is seeping in at all the government-level transactions and no one cares to raise a voice against this menace. Under such circumstances, there is no alternative except considering that the corruption is taking place because a great deal of bribe is reaching into the pockets of the top-most officials as well. The scams and scandals unearthed at the national level have been a matter of discussion for some time now. But it seems the time has come when scams taking place at the state-levels should also be taken seriously.