"Bihar has been suffering from perception deficit even as the law and order and development has taken a beating ever since the Chief Minister unilaterally dumped the BJP five months ago," senior BJP leader and former deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi said, after releasing his party's report card on the performance of the Nitish Kumar government.
Showcasing unity in the state BJP unit, Modi was flanked by 10 ministers, who were sacked along with him by the Chief Minister five months ago, and state unit chief Mangal Pandey.
"Governance has become the biggest casualty in Bihar over the past five months since JD-U has been ruling the state on its own after severing ties with the BJP," he said.
Bihar has been hit by terror attacks in Bodh Gaya and Patna, while the Maoist violence has spurt by 41 percent even as crime has increased alarmingly so much so to affect perception about the state which the two erstwhile allies had worked hard to overcome after prolonged lawlessness during the RJD rule in Bihar for 15 years, Sushil Modi claimed.
The Chief Minister has become hamstrung after showing doors to its ally which had provided him crucial strength and support all these years with a single minded agenda to ensure survival of his government on day-to-day basis, he said, adding that Nitish Kumar has no time to conduct review meeting to monitor progress of development and welfare schemes.
The then NDA government had launched two flagship schemes - Human Development Mission and Agriculture Roadmap, but no review meeting has been held by the Chief Minister since June/July this year, Modi said, adding that monitoring of various schemes at district level too has been done away with as neither the ministers nor bureaucrats have time or interest to look into these matters anymore.
The Chief Minister's much-touted industrialization too has failed to take off in Bihar as 90 percent out of private investment worth Rs three lakh crore did not come at all due to scarcity of land, a fact that even the state government undertaking - Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority
(BIADA) - has acknowledged in an advertisement recently, the former deputy Chief Minister said.

Modi took a dig at Nitish Kumar for his pet special category status agenda saying that the demand was aimed at expediting industrial development in Bihar by wooing investors with tax holidays and other incentives and asked where the land is available for investors to set up units.
Any number of investors like those wanting to set up food park, agro processing units, etc, have left Bihar after the state government failed to allocate land to them, he said.
Painting a grim situation in Bihar after twin terror attacks in recent months, Modi rued that the situation has deteriorated so drastically that nowadays terrorists have been doing recce to plan terror attacks in Bihar as the JD-U government has adopted a soft attitude towards such elements and lacked will power to deter such activities.
He regretted that the state government is yet to fix accountability for the Patna serial blasts.
Referring to the state government removing photographs of the former BJP ministers from report card released by the Chief Minister on Monday upon completion of eight years in office, the former deputy chief minister said that contrary to Kumar's endeavour to deny his erstwhile ally credit for good works of his government, the fact remains that the BJP was an equal partner in development and will take equal credit for the same.
"The JD-U and BJP had together sown seed of development during the NDA government and he will not be allowed to walk away with the harvest all alone," Modi said, adding that the JD-U government will not succeed in removing the BJP from hearts of the people.
The former deputy chief minister also took a dim view of the Chief Minister laying foundation stones for infrastructure projects like road and bridges worth thousands of crores and said as a former finance minister, he could vouch for the fact that there was scarcity of funds at disposal of the state government to undertake new projects.


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