"Akhilesh government, which is blaming BJP and terming Saharanpur violence as a caste clash, must clarify that why it gets into denial mode after every incident," party spokesman Vijay Bahadur Pathak, said.
He alleged that entire state was ashamed with whatever happened in Saharanpur due to "administrative laxity".     

"If from their view it is caste clash then too it is the result of failure on law and order front," he alleged.
Pathak alleged that it was due to the tendency of the government of taking things lightly even small disputes were taking shape of major incidents.
"While loss of life and property is taking place those sitting in the government are trying to protect themselves by giving baseless logic," he alleged.
The spokesman further alleged that decisions of the government, which was following "policy of appeasement", were becoming reasons for dispute.
"At time when administrative officers seem to don the role of the spokesmen of the ruling party, if BJP plays the role of a responsible opposition then what objection the CM has," he asked.


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