New Delhi: For parents who had pinned high hopes on parliamentarians to get their children admitted in the Kendriya Vidyalaya School (KVS), there is a disheartening news in the offing. The Law Minister has rejected the proposal of Human Resource Development Ministry to extend the admission quota of Members of Parliament (MPs) from two to five years in KVS.

The Law Ministry turned down the proposal to avoid the arbitrary use of lobbying. Referring to a Supreme Court decision, the Law Ministry considered the discretionary quota to fall under public policy and thus turned down MHRD proposal to increase the number of admission quota of parliamentarians as the number of KVS institutions had gone up from 871 to 1085.

The Ministry also declared that the issue was of administrative nature and had nothing to do with law.

HRD Minister Kapil Sibal had argued that his quota of 1,200 school seats has already been withdrawn since 2010. Sibal further said with the quota extension, only 2,400 additional enrollments were to be facilitated by the MPs. He clarified that under the proposal the MPs could use the quota for admissions of three children within their parliamentary constituency and two children of their constituency could get admissions in Delhi.

With the quota extension, Rajya Sabha members could exercise their quota in their respective state or in the national capital.