Washington: A US lawmaker has asked the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to reconsider the government's decision against issuing a diplomatic visa to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, drawing strong reactions from the Indian American Muslim community here.
Congressman Joe Walsh, a right wing conservative Republican and a tea party favourite has written a letter to Clinton, requesting her to consider granting a diplomatic visa to Modi.
The letter attracted strong reaction from the Indian American Muslim community who on Tuesday demanded that the State Department should not change its 2005 policy on Modi's visa.
Clinton is yet to respond to the letter, which was written by Congressman Walsh more than a fortnight ago, but sources in the State Department said there has been no change in its policy with regard to Modi's visa and would not change till the matter is sub-judice.
Taking a strong objection to the effort of Walsh, the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) alleged that the Congressman's letter is factually incorrect.
"It is unfortunate that a sitting member of the US Congress should attempt to make a case based on ignorance of the law which was amended in September 2009, specifically to remove the 24-month restriction," IAMC president, Shaheen Khateeb, said.