New Delhi: Reminding lawmakers that they were in Parliament to protect interest of people, Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar on Sunday said there was no scope of lapse in discharge of duties.

"Rising above religion, region, caste, language etc., we are here to protect the interest of people of the entire nation, especially the marginalised who are ignored. This leaves no scope for any kind of lapse in discharging our duties," she said at a special function to celebrate 60th
Anniversary of first sitting of Parliament.

She said, "We cannot, even for a single moment, become oblivious to the fact that the legislations, policies and programmes deliberated upon in the House decide the destiny of our people."

Lauding the successful completion of 60-year journey of Indian Parliament, she said there are several nations where the saplings of democracy sprouted but withered away to pave way for military or autocratic rule.

"We are fortunate that democracy in India has blossomed into a strong and vibrant form of governance despite all the trials and tribulations. Our successful experiment with democracy is revered and admired amongst the comity of nations," Kumar said.

She said Parliament is a powerful and effective medium of realising the dream of a just and modern social order.

"Our association with such a Parliament not only instills in us a sense of pride but also places an onerous responsibility on our shoulders," Kumar said adding Indian democracy draws its strength and essence from all cross sections of people without any discrimination.


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