Mumbai: The man who was instrumental in so many killings on the night of 26/11 and whose hands did not waver once while firing shots from his rifle, now lives in a state of perpetual indecision.

Amin Solkar, Ajmal Kasab’s lawyer in the 26/11 case, has said it was a challenging job for him to take the brief of the Pakistani terrorist, whom he frequently found in a "wavering frame of
"I found Kasab in a wavering frame of the initial stage of every legal interview he appeared to be calm and polite but as it went on he would go wild and just walk off," Solkar told over phone from Seoul in South Korea, where he is on a holiday.
At first Kasab had expressed his desire to interact with other convicts similarly placed like him and
wanted to read about the outside world, which was refused by the court, Solkar said, adding his irritability was possibly the outcome of solitary confinement.
"In one of the interactions, Kasab spoke about his family in Pakistan and then became silent," Solkar said. During arguments, Solkar said he tried to impress upon the High Court that Kasab was not a part of the conspiracy with the other terrorists who were holed up at Hotels Taj, Trident and Nariman House during the attacks.
The prosecution had produced recorded telephonic talks between terrorists and their handlers in Pakistan which did not name Kasab although they indicated that others were given instructions on how to proceed in the attack, he said.

“I fervently put forth that the prosecution evidence produced in the court on attacks at Cama Hospital and Girgaum Chowpatty are very doubtful giving rise to suspicion about Kasab's involvement," Solkar said.