Haldwani: Even as there is a tussle between the Centre and state government for a bit of grains, tonnes of wheat are perishing in open sky as there is no proper storage owing to the laxity of Uttarakhand government.

The government is said to have done nothing for the proper storage of the 28,812 MT wheat of the current procurement session. The slipshodness may cost the government to the tune of Rs 5.86 crore as 5000 MT wheat was left in open to rot.

While the Uttarakhand Food & Supply Department has been claiming for a proper storage of 11.41 percent wheat of total procurements, the stark reality is that 296 MT wheat has been stored under tarpaulin in open sky. Moreover, Sitarganj, Nanakmatta and Khatima are also witnessing the decaying of wheat on large scale.

Food Corporation of India and Uttarakhand Food & Supply Department are in dire need of godowns to store 20,000 MT and 8000 MT respectively. An arrangement has been made to store 10,000 MT wheat in open at the Rudrapur godown.

A FCI official said that wheat has been stored in open at four storage centers but the amount of wheat is not known.