The actress says, "I was stumped when I saw Naureen’s pictures; she is so beautiful and sublime. We have tried to replicate her original look as much as possible."

Talking about Naureen, Prachi says, "I keep wondering why destiny was so unkind to Naureen. What I love about her is the grace, strength and dignity that she maintains till today. I love my character graph that goes on from being a teenager to her 20s in the late ’80s to early ’90s, and the silent love story that continues between Azhar and Naureen."

Prachi says the director made it simpler for her by saying, ‘It’s a tough role, you will have fun and I know you will crack it’. "It is a pivotal role in the film and the first time I will be putting a face to this real life character about whom not much is known, so he wanted the authenticity about playing this teenager who was married to a cricketing star to stay intact," she adds.

Courtesy: Mid Day

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