Karachi: Former Pakistan skipper Wasim Akram is not satisfied with performance of the Pakistani openers and has urged them to learn a lesson from master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

Wasim expressed his frustration over Pakistan`s performance against Zimbabwe on Monday and said Pak openers should seek inspiration from Sachin.

The former quickie called on openers, Muhammad Hafeez and Ahmed Shahzad to learn the art of batting and building an innings from Tendulkar.
 "They should learn from Tendulkar, look at him he is 38 plus and yet he is still going strong. He just plays normal cricket in the first ten overs and does not gift his wicket," Akram said.

"Tendulkar is a role model for many others and the Pakistani openers should learn from him how to build an innings and how to tackle dicey conditions. Look at Shahzad he is immensely talented but the moment the ball does a little movement he either starts shuffling across the line or moving in his crease and is gifting his wicket. Hafeez is also getting out constantly shuffling across," he explained.

"Even if you have scored 50 odds runs in the first 12 or 15 overs and have wickets in hand you are in a good position. And Pakistan`s strength is that if they have wickets in hand they can go for quick runs in the final overs," he said.

He pointed out that Tendulkar is still going strong as he stuck to the basics well and didn`t try anything extraordinary.

"His hunger for runs is astonishing," Akram told a channel.

Akram was also not satisfied with the performance of Pakistan over Zimbabwe.

"I want this team to win the World Cup and they can do it. Every Pakistani wants the team to win the tournament but their approach is frustrating. Every side that Zimbabwe played they outclassed them but our team approached the game as if they were nervous and scared," Akram said.

"Our team needs to adopt a more pro-active approach and show natural aggression. You can`t win the World Cup with a defensive mindset and I am frustrated that we didn`t beat Zimbabwe more convincingly. This was our chance to send out a clear signal to the other teams," he added.