Here are some mouth watering recipes for the big day:

Classic Macaroni Salad


- Take a steel bowl and put all the ingredients (except mayonnaise, lime juice and tomato ketchup) and mix it gently.

- When mixed properly, fold it into mayonnaise, lime juice and tomato ketchup.

- Put it in a salad bowl and garnish it with tomato and coriander leaf and serve it cold.

Colourful Fruit Skewers


- Use sharpened bamboo or wooden skewers.

- Cut fruits into square shapes.

-Skewer strawberry first, then cantaloupe or orange, followed by pineapple and kiwi fruit or honeydew melon.

- Put two blueberries on the pointed end.

- Make sure to fix them well, so they don't slip off.

Tiranga Curry Rice by Chef Gurmeet Singh, Pind Balluchi


- Put chopped tomatoes, cashew nuts, melon seeds, poppy seeds, ginger, green cardamoms, red chilli powder, yogurt, salt and one tablespoon oil in a pressure cooker and mix well.

- Add one cup water and close the cooker with the lid. Cook under pressure till four whistles.

- Put oil in a pan and add green cardamom powder, salt, flour and mix well.

- Take circular portions of the mixture (koftas) and deep fry it till golden.

- Open the lid of the cooker and blend the mixture with a hand blender.

- Put the mixture and pour into another non-stick pan and heat. Add a little cream and garam masala powder and mix.

- Arrange the deep friend koftas in a serving bowl, pour the gravy over, drizzle a little cream and serve immediately.

- Serve it hot with steamed rice.

Tri-coloured rice by Chef Bikram, Fat Ninja-Pan Asian Cafe


- Heat up a thick bottom vessel, pour water, add salt and let it boil.

- Add rice and stir it well.

- Add oil and lemon juice, stir again and cover it with a lid and let it cook till done. Take off the stove and set aside to cool.

- Fluff up the rice gently so that the grains do not stick to each other. Divide into three equal portions and set aside.

- Steam cook or boil the carrots and let it cool. Puree them and set aside.

- Grind coriander leaves, ginger, mint leaves and curry leaves, set aside

- In a non-stick pan, pour one tablespoon oil, add the carrot puree and saute for a minute. Add turmeric powder, garam masala, half tablespoon salt and saute. Add one portion of rice and saute well to mix. Check for the salt and adjust, set aside.

- In another pan, pour oil, add the coriander-mint paste, half tablespoon salt and saute well. Add next portion of rice and saute well. Check for the salt and adjust. Set aside.

- Layer three different rice, orange first, then white and then green so that when you take it upside down for serving the orange colour comes first.

- Arrange them as single individual servings or as a single dish to let everyone help themselves.

Tri colour Makhani at Spice 52, Mumbai


- In fry pan put two tablespoon oil, garlic and green chilly. Put spinach puree. Saute, put cream, butter and mawa.

- Put green vegetables.

- Use garam masala, 1 tbsp elaichi (cardamom) powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, kasuri methi powder (dried, fenugreek leaves powder).

- Chopped coriander and salt as per taste.

For red gravy:


- Cut onion fine and saute in oil and water till Brown. put it in mixer and make paste.

- Boil cashew nut and make paste in mixer grinder.

- Pour 2tablespoon oil, garlic and chilli in fry pan.

- Pour onion paste, cashew nut paste and tomato puree 75 gram.

- Put Kolhapuri chilli, grated coconut, chilli powder, elaichi (cardamom) powder, kasuri methi (dried, fenugreek leaves) (1 tablespoon).

- Put butter, mawa, cream. (1/4 cup each)


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