London: Indian actress Freida Pinto says she has had lots of down moments but has learned to channel her dark emotions into her acting.

The 27-year-old actress, who shot to fame with "Slumdog Millionaire", said she has learnt how to deal with her dark periods and likes to use them as inspiration for film roles, reported Femalefirst.

"I do go through a lot of down moments. I have plenty of those. OK fine, poor girl, whatever! But I do have those moments and I think it's perfectly fine for me to have them. I have found a way of dealing with those moments and using them in film sometimes. Every experience is one for the diary," Pinto said.

The actress also said she is still trying to find a place in London after moving from India.

"My heart will always be in Mumbai, but I've kind of moved to London. That's my second home. I love London. Love the city, love the people there. When I'm in London I stay at my friend's apartment, but whenever I need to recoup, India is the place to go and be with my family.

"I still haven't splurged on anything since 'Slumdog' was a hit. I used my first big pay-cheque to put a deposit on a flat in Mumbai, but that fell through - so I'm still looking for that one place to put my feet up," Pinto added.