The NGO, Society for Socio-economic Awareness and Environment Protection's approach to the programme is in tune with the principle of Science and Technology Literacy (STL) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), said SSEAEP's office-bearers on Tuesday.
The project aimed at helping the population lead a rational way of life with better understanding about science, technology and environment, besides coming out of the sphere of superstitious practices, said SSEAEP secretary Kishore Kumar Dev.
With the North-eastern region located in an ecological sensitive zone with rich biodiversity along with ethno-cultural diversity, Dev said its people faced different constraints due to its physical environmental situation from erosion, landslide, flood, thunderstorm and anomalies of weather and climate.

Such a phenomenon along with other geo-ecological base pose constraints of drinking water, drainage, agricultural failure, health related problems, etc., he added.
In this context, developing Science and Technology Literacy (STL) among the people is becoming an important need of the hour along with other interventions, Dev pointed out.
As per the mandate of the project, SSEAEP has initiated a study in the region adopting two approaches. One is content analysis of print media coverage of last five years (1999-2013) from the region on science and technology issues and superstition.

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