New Delhi: Putting up a brave face against the salvos being fired by the politicians at him and his anti-corruption movement, social activist Anna Hazare has said that he is undeterred by such attacks and he has been facing such attacks over the last three decades.

The Gandhian has decided to dismiss the allegations by Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh and Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray by not giving any direct response to their statements.

In his latest blog posted on Wednesday, he has said that he does not care about the irrational discussions doing the rounds in the political corridors against his movement.

Without naming any particular party, he has written that “such attacks are not new for him and have been a normal phenomenon for the last 30 years of his public life. These are efforts to hold various irrational discussions to derive several ridiculous conclusions”.

 “I try to be truthful and do not give much importance to what people say. The path of truth is tough but leads to victory and has been witnessed in the history time and again,” he wrote.

Answering his critiques, Anna has said, “People throw stones on trees, which bear fruits.”

However, people close to Anna say that the latest blog post is part of his effort to clear the controversies surrounding Team Anna.