Mohali: Buoyed by his cricket diplomacy, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that India and Pakistan should put their ‘ancient animosities’ behind and work for a ‘permanent reconciliation’ and amicable reconciliation to their problems.

Speaking at a dinner Singh said the two neighbouring countries should be working together to find cooperative solutions and need permanent reconciliation to live together in dignity and honour.

Singh later said that the beautiful game of cricket has been a ‘uniting factor’ in bringing together the two Prime Ministers.
Singh said, “Whatever may be the differences between our two countries, we have to find ways to resolve them".

"Gilani-sahab and I have had extensive discussions on all outstanding issues and we have reaffirmed our resolve that there are difficulties in the way but we will make every honest effort to overcome those difficulties. And the message from Mohali is that the people of India and Pakistan want to live in peace and amity and that the two PMs have committed their governments to work in that direction," he said.