Beirut, Jan 28 (Agencies): After two days of talks with the parliamentary blocs, Lebanon’s Hezbollah-backed Prime Minister designate Najib Mikati on Friday concluded consultations on forming a new government. The Sunni rival Saad Hariri is set to boycott the formation of new cabinet.

Mikati said that before getting down to the task of the selection of ministers, he would be reporting back to the President Michel Sleiman on Saturday.

Given the refusal of Hariri's Western-backed coalition to take part in the cabinet formation, Mikati is likely to form a government of technocrats and politicians, said an official close to billionaire businessman.

"It is now clear that Hariri's coalition does not want to join the government," said an official closed to Mikati anonymously.

Mikati was appointed earlier this week after the Shiite Hezbollah toppled Hariri's cabinet because of a dispute over a UN-backed probe into the 2005 murder of ex-premier Rafiq Hariri, Saad's father.

The militant party, which is backed by Syria and Iran and is blacklisted as a terrorist organisation by Washington, had brought down Hariri's unity government over his refusal to
cut all ties with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

Hariri's coalition has flatly rejected being part of a new government headed by a man they say was picked by Hezbollah.

But Mikati on Friday said the issue needed to be resolved through dialogue.