New Delhi: BJP, CPI and JD(U) on Monday come together to launch a national campaign against FDI in retail and sought support from the people to make the movement against the government's "anti-people" policy a success.

"This is a fight against UPA's FDI decision and it is the anti-people policy of the government that we are opposing," JD(U) leader and NDA convener Sharad Yadav said here.

Blaming the government for its failure on the economic front, Yadav said industrial production and employment generation has slowed down in the country.

He said, "Indian market is expanding for years and we are not opposed to the expansion of market.

"Now to revive the market, government is punishing people through FDI decision. It is taxing common man by raising rail fares," JD(U) leader said.

He further said that retail shops are the second largest employment generating business in the country and by bringing in retail FDI it will create unemployment in the country.

Comparing the situation with that in China, Yadav said "China's position was equal to India's in economic terms in 1980. But China strengthened its internal position first before doing any business outside."

Criticising Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Yadav said, "the Prime Minister has taken two strong steps till date. One on nuclear issue and the second time on FDI."

Supporting the agitation against the FDI decision, BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi said the struggle will continue till it is withdrawn and promised that NDA will scrap the decision if it comes to power in the next elections.

"All NDA allies, Left Front and regional parties have opposed FDI. We will scrap the decision when we come to power," Joshi said.

He did not agree with the government's view that this will boost the economy.

"Wherever FDI in retail has come, it has ruined the economy of that country," Joshi said, charring that "in India they (US) are trying to come through bribery."

"Bribery amount of Rs 125 crores was reportedly paid in the name of lobbying," Joshi charged.

Reiterating his party's resolve to fight the decision, Joshi said, "We will take the agitation to the village level and make the March 7 rally on it a success."

CPI leader AB Bardhan said Government has not won the fight yet.

"They may have technically won it in Parliament but the battle is not yet over," Bardhan said.

Defending his presence on the same dais with the BJP, the CPI veteran said, "This is a fight for the common man. We may have different ideology but on this issue we are united to fight together."

Cautioning the people against the danger in bringing FDI in retail, he said monopoly price will prevail in the market and consumers will not benefit.

"Consumers may benefit in the beginning but in the longer run, they will be losers. Instead of generating jobs, it will take away jobs," CPI leader said.

He said the FDI decision is going to affect 20 crore people in the country and the market will be flooded with Chinese products.      Spelling out the future agitational plan, Bardhan said, "We will demonstrate in front of the Walmart shop and wherever they will acquire land in the country."

Bardhan further said all trade unions like AITUC, INTUC, BMS are opposing the FDI decision.


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