Kolkata: In its manifesto released on Wednesday for the Assembly elections in West Bengal, the Left has tried to strike a balance between industrialisation and agriculture while admitting lapses on the part of some leaders and cadres.

Left Front Committee Chairman Biman Bose said, “The main aim of the party is to improve the lives of BPL people and generate employment,” and added, "The need for agriculture will remain forever, but industry is the call of tomorrow."

"We intend to put the state into the front ranks in the country on purchasing capacity, education and health and providing work to 40 lakh most poor families in West Bengal in agriculture, industry and other services," the manifesto said.

It also highlights the need for the expansion of agriculture, industry and the services sector to generate employment and increase the income of the nearly 40 lakh poor families in the State.

While enumerating the success of the CPI (M)-led government in different development works, the manifesto admitted lapses in initiatives among party workers.

"Speed, ability, honesty, transparency and sensitivity are needed in implementation of different programmes in several stages from the Cabinet, administration to Left organisations and their workers," it said.

"There have been lapses and lessons have been learnt from such lapses," the manifesto said.

Taking on the Opposition Trinamool Congress, the manifesto said, "It gave the BJP a footing in the state and the journey will be completed with the Trinamool's tie-up with the Maoists."

Taking a dig at the Congress, it said, "The Congress has given up its self-respect owing to the spate of corruptions and scams."

The manifesto, which Bose read out in the presence of several Front leaders including Forward Bloc's Ashok Ghosh, RSP's Manoj Bhattacharya and CPI's Manju Kumar Majumdar, also alleged American influence on the Central government's policies and decisions.