"Now they (Left) are rightly thinking about the industrialization in West Bengal. But once there were many industries in this state. (And) They (Left) must admit they had major role in sad state of those industries. When they started thinking over some changes, they were removed from power," Sen rued at a function organised by his Pratichi (India) trust.     
"I think that even in Leftist thoughts there are many flaws. Without applying reasons it was often decided – what to do or what not to do. This way problems came up," he said.   
Sen was speaking at the concluding session of the 14th Annual Workshop on Child health at Bolpur organized by Pratichi.   
Sen was also unsparing towards the ruling BJP at the Centre contending that nothing positive could be expected from the present dispensation. "Any such expectation would be nothing but day dream (‘akash kusum kalpana’)," he remarked.

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