Researcher Josh Goodman found that left-handed people are likely to earn 12 percent less over their lifetime.
Which hand you write with is not just about preference, Goodman said, adding that handedness is interesting because it indicates that two people might have brains that are wired a bit differently.
The study found that differential brain wiring may affect the way people process language.
“This seems to have a little effect on math scores, reading scores, and earnings later in life," according to Goodman.
The differences in brain wiring could make lefties vulnerable to some learning disabilities.
"My guess is what is going on is that in part because lefties process language in the brain a bit differently they're at slightly higher risk for things like dyslexia," Goodman said.
"They score slightly lower on standardized tests like math and reading," he said.
The study was published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

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