Here is some info about these lensless glasses what is a very popular fad in many Asian countries:


  • It's common to find people sporting empty plastic frames, in a variety of bright colors that match their outfit or their hair. These no lens glasses now come in all sorts colors and shapes, are sold everywhere fashionable youth go, and have become exceptionally popular among both female and male hipsters.


  • The empty glasses are great because they match your outfits, but they are also practical. When you don't have time to put on makeup, the lensless glasses are great to cover up dark circles.


  • The no-glass frames also don't blind the wearer when walking out of the arctic air conditioning that blasts through most buildings into the tropical heat.


  • They are usually oversized and come in bright colours, like bright reds, purple , pink and black.


  • People who don't need prescriptions glasses don't have to worry about their vision being affected by any scratches they may get on plastic lenses.


  •  Reason of why girls are choosing the foureye-ish look is simply for fashion, the opportunity to accessorize further and be a little more different.


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