London: Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio will reportedly star in adaptation of Don Winslow's best-selling novel 'Satori'.

The 36-year-old will portray the main character of Nicholai Hel in the Warner Bros project which follows the story of a Westerner trained in Japanese assassination skills, reported a website.

DiCaprio's character is described as a man who is raised in Japan and taught assassin's skills. Hel's master, who is a military general, passes on all his secrets and the student repays his master by assassinating him to save him from being disgraced.

As a result of his act, Hel is thrown to a prison in Tokyo and tortured there for three years. He is finally released by the CIA after agreeing to kill a Soviet commissioner in China. For the secret task, he is trained by a French beauty he falls in love with.

The story is set in the background of post-Worl War II era. The screenplay will be provided by the novel's author himself, along with the 'Armageddon' screenwriter Shane Salerno.