The 'Rock On!' star watched "India's Daughter" during its US premiere last night along with Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep and Frieda Pinto.
The documentary, says the 41-year-old actor, made him think about the concept of 'masculinity'.

"Watched #IndiasDaughter last night at the US premiere in NYC. Raises some serious questions about the concept of masculinity.. The filmmakers intent is clear. It is not to defame India but use an event that reverberated around the globe as the basis for her study...," he posted on Twitter.
"The directors focus on the aftermath ie public outrage/protests/amendment of law speaks volumes of our vibrant democracy. I humbly appeal to the concerned ministry that they lift the ban on this film.

It's only effect is that of introspection. #IndiasDaughter," he added.


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