Melbourne: Australian doctors have agreed that less is more when it comes to cosmetic procedures - to avoid patients looking ‘like aliens’.

World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr Arthur Swift has suggested that doctors, who give in to patient demands and overdo procedures, are creating unnatural appearances, media reported.

Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery spokesman Dr John Flynn said that managing patient expectations was a concern.

Flynn said that some patients do demand more and more and it's incumbent on ethical and well-trained doctors to resist demands for procedures, which achieve outrageous results.

He said that the concept they would be looking at is achieving a result where the patient looks like a better version of themselves.

Meanwhile, Swift told a conference of Australian doctors that they should follow his mathematical formula for the perfect face - the "Golden Ratio of Phi" - to achieve harmony, balance and proportion.

Leading Australian plastic surgeon Dr Jeremy Hunt, who was familiar with the principle, said that he applies it in his practice.

Hunt said that if a little bit is good, a lot is not necessarily better.

He said that it is certainly true there are many people who have undergone procedures that have made them look like caricatures, which is not a good outcome.

Hunt added that there will always be doctors who achieve less than desirable results by overuse of or overdoing procedures.

The Cosmetic Institute's David Segal said the ‘overdone alien look’ was less common with advancements in techniques and practitioners.


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