On his 111th birth anniversary, let us have a look at ten lesser known facts about this ‘Hockey Wizard’ often called as ‘Hockey ka Jaadugar.

I. The 'Chand' in Dhyandchand was a nickname given to this majestic player because he used to practice during the night under moonlight.

II. With 14 goals in 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, Dhyanchand captured the attention of international media. Decorating his excellence, cricket great Don Bradman once exclaimed, “He scores goals like runs in cricket”.

III. His knowledge about the game can gauged from the fact that once when he was unable to score any goal during a match, he told the referee that the measurement of the goal post seems to be wrong and to everyone's surprise, he turned out to be correct.

IV. Last of his three gold medal winning stints with Indian hockey team at Olympics happened in 1936 in Berlin. The venue was full of people trying to make their way to the stadium because the newspaper one day before, read: ''The Olympic complex now has a magic show too''. Also the entire city was carried banner headline: ''Visit the hockey stadium to watch the Indian magician Dhyan Chand in action''.

V. Not many people know but the Indian hockey player was offered German citizenship and place in by history's most infamous dictator: Adolf Hitler. However, being the courageous person that he was, Dhyanchand turned down the offer.

VI. His hockey stick was once broken just to find out if there is a magnet inside.

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