1. The epic 'Ramayana' is available in almost 300 different versions like Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists even the people of Nepal and some South Eastern countries have their own versions. The one written by Maharishi Valmiki has 24000 'Shlokas', 500 'Upkhands', and 7 'Khand' with answers.
2. Ravana was an excellent Veena player. He was an excellent scholar and had studied 'The Vedas'. In fact, the 10 heads granted to Ravana by lord Shiva depicted six 'Shastras' and four 'Vedas'.
3. It is said that Lakshman did not sleep for complete 14 years so that he could protect Ram and Sita in the forest. The dedication showed by Lakshman got him the name of 'Gudakesh'.
4. Kumbhkarna misspelled the word 'Indrasena' as 'Nidrasena' when 'Lord Brahma' appeared before him. He got cursed and thus became the sleeping giant.
5. Ravana was pretty much aware of his death. In order to attain 'moksha', he took the form of a ten-headed monster so that he could be killed by the lord himself.


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