Here, we bring forward some interesting facts about the journey of Indian Railway that made its splendid history of rendering services across the country.

1- First proposal for laying railway track in India came from London in 1840. Thereafter, the basic policies and instructions related to management were being generated from London for over a century.

2- The spread of railway network in India was aimed at intermesh the economies of two countries. Further, the initiative brought hopes and positive results at economical, political and military fronts and united different parts of India.

3- The merchants based in Calcutta (Kolkata) and Bombay (Mumbai) took interest into the initiative. Bengali merchant Prince Dwarkanath Tagore, grandfather of Nobel Laureate Ravind Nath Tagore, was one of prominent businessmen among them.

4- Dwarkanath Tagore's firm Carr, Tagore & Company, is reported to have offered in 1844, to raise one-third of the capital required for a railway from Calcutta to the coalfields above Burdwan. After Dwarkanath's sudden demise, the other businessmen played passive role. The conception, promotion and launching of railways in the country were all British.

5- The Indian railway services commenced in India on April 16, 1853 when the first train covered its historic destination from Bombay to Thane. The first Indian train covered 33.81 kms in its first journey.


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