Here are some sassy apps that can play cupid:

* Hammer: A fun app, Hammer assists people in getting and sharing instant opinions, exchanging ideas at a moment’s notice. Interestingly, one can also get opinions on electing the perfect partner for the day. Just post the pictures and let the people decide.

* The app might give you ideas to impress your date. It can help you decide your look for the day - be it the latest shoe trend, hairstyles, apparel trends, accessories or make-up.

* Romantic Destinations: This is an interactive ‘travel and tourist guide’ to take along while visiting mesmerizing destinations in the country. The apps take people, who are ‘romantic at heart’, to some of the popular exotic locations in India.

* Gift ideas: Ever asked yourself - "What am I going to get her?" Well, this app is here to help you! Answer a few simple questions, and based on those answers the app will give you a list of ideas.

* 100+ Romantic Ideas' app: Those planning for a date can take the help of the app to plan the best one without paying a heavy price like a walk on the beach, a serenade on a balcony, or a homemade lunch for work.


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