Here comes third and most delicious day in Valentine Week, Chocolate Day. You must have wished the sweet ones in life and supplemented a yummy chocolate completing this most awaited day. This is essentially not important that Chocolate Day is to be celebrated by couples only. It is not about being a couple but it is just about being in love with anybody, be it your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother or sister. You can share this luscious event with anybody you like or with whom you are in love. On this Day people gift flowers and chocolates to their loved ones.

Very few of us know that Chocolate Day is celebrated thrice a year. Chocolate Day on July 7th, National Chocolate Day on October 28th and World Chocolate Day on September 4th. Now you don’t need a reason to hang on a Chocolate diet for at least three times a year. But on the other side this may be a thoughtful consideration for calorie conscious individual.

Chocolate is a product which comes from vegetarian world. It comes from the Cacao tree found in rainforests. Chocolate is only such sweet, which is made of cocoa butter and contains maximum 5% of other vegetable fat.

Dark chocolate

The cocoa content in dark chocolate may even exceed 90%. This type of chocolate is the healthiest and this is mainly due to its cocoa content! Dark chocolate consists mainly of cocoa bean mass, cocoa butter, sugar, lecithin and vanillin used for highlighting the flavour. The depth of the colour and bitterness of the flavour of the chocolate depend on the ratio between the beans mass and sugar. Semi-sweet dark chocolate with the cocoa content of up to 50% is usually used in baking.

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Milk chocolate

In the case of milk chocolate, a part of the dry components of the cocoa are substituted with milk components, which give the chocolate a sweeter flavour, lighter colour and also softer structure. Due to the fact that the milk chocolate is extremely sensitive to heat, using it for desserts that require heat is much more complicated. At the same time, it is very suitable for decorating, offering variation to the dark chocolate in terms of smell, flavour as well as colour.

White chocolate

Process of making and raw materials of the white chocolate are similar to those of the regular chocolate, except one important difference: no cocoa beans mass or powder is used in it. Thus, the only cocoa product used in it is the cocoa butter. Thanks to that the white chocolate is sweeter than others and is very suitable for making desserts. As compared to the regular chocolate, it also contains much more milk. However, melting white chocolate requires special care. As a result of too fast heating, it may become grainy or may get burnt.


Have your favorite chocolate cereal

Have a chocolate donut

A chocolate muffin


Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate candy bar


Chocolate covered cherries

Chocolate almonds

Almond joy bar

Chocolate soda

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