New Delhi: Congress on Friday used Ram Jethmalani's attack on Nitin Gadkari to demand that the lawyer-cum-BJP MP should make public evidence he has against the party chief.

Dismissing Arvind Kejriwal's attack on Gadkari as part of "internal warfare of BJP", party spokesperson Manish Tewari also alleged the IAC was working at the behest of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi without naming him.

Linking Kejriwal's "expose" against Gadkari with former Law Minister Jethmalani's reported statement that he too has evidence of alleged wrongdoing by the BJP President, Tewari said the evidence in his possession should be made public in public interest.

Naming Kejriwal's NGO as "Insinuation and Allegation Combine" (IAC) and "B team of a section of BJP", Tewari said the "odious festival of inuendo and calumny" orchestrated and personalised by IAC is a "direct manifestation of the internal warfare of BJP at its fullest display".

"BJP, which sowed the winds of inuendo, is now reaping a whirlwiind of calumny. The second shot in this internal warfare of BJP was fired from London by the former Law Minister (Jethmalani) when he said he has "evidence" against the BJP chief, which he refused to divulge", Tewari said.

He said the former Law Minister and the BJP MP (Jethmalani) while maintaining that he has "evidence against Gadkari" also "in the same breath endorses the dream of the Gujarat Chief Minister", which will remain "unfulfilled".

The Congress spokesperson was alluding to Jethmalani's demand that Modi should be BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

In an oblique reference to Kejriwal's attack on Robert Vadra for his land deals in Haryana, Tewari said when the Gujarat Chief Minister was "caught on the wrong foot" on his campaign of "untruths and falsehood", their "B team was unleashed to regurgiate the old insinuations which have already been answered.

Tewari said that after this attack, Kejriwal targeted Gadkari, "which was endorsed the very next day by the BJP MP".

"What is lost in this cacophony is the fact that Congress gave documentary evidence of corruption against the Gujarat Chief Minister of 17 scams in 11 years of Modi worth Rs 1 lakh crore", he said.

Tewari claimed the sequence of events he had laid out showed details of the "internal dissension" of BJP.

"Whatever has been put out before the country (by Kejriwal's team) is the outcome of the internal fight within BJP. By their conduct, these people, who earlier used to call themselves act visits and now politicians, have exposed that they are indeed B team of a section of BJP," Tewari said.

The Congress spokesperson also trashed the allegations of INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala that Rahul Gandhi evaded stamp duty in registration of a land in Palwal, which has been rejected as false and defamatory by Gandhi's office.

"Everybody knows what is the credibility of Chautala. We do not want to dignify such remarks by reacting on them," he said.

Pointed out that questions have been raised on the land deals of activists Anjali Damania in Maharashtra and Prashant Bhushan in Himachal Pradesh, Tewari said it was ironic while one person is called an activist even after buying "foreign" land or a piece of tea garden, "the others who are doing legitimate business are said to be indulging in corruption.

"Those who talk of probity from the stage should first look within before making allegations of corruption against others," he said.

Tewari also ridiculed IAC announcing a probe by its 'internal Lokpal' of three retired judges to investigate charges against Prashant Bhushan, Anjali Damania and Mayank Gandhi. "They want to be accused, jury, judge and prosecutor all. This is the incredible jurisprudence that you can expect only from them," he said.


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