Massage and Condition: It always helps to massage your scalp during the summer as it increases the blood flow, leaves your hair beautifully nourished and will also make you feel rejuvenated.

Protect: We all worry about UV protection for our skin, but what about the hair? UVA and UVB  rays can also cause damage to the cuticles leaving your hair dry, frizzy and dull. It's time to get creative with that headgear. Experiment with hats and scarves that will not only make you look stylish, but will  also double up and protect your hair from the harsh sun.

Use hair-friendly tools and styles : Since your hair is already prone to so much damage in the summer because of all the heat and humidity, we should ensure that all other processes are smooth and hassle-free. If you choose to blow dry your hair, avoid heat and opt for the cool setting.

Protect tresses:  While swimming there is no better feeling than taking a dip into cool water during the scorching summer heat. The pool water is usually loaded with chlorine and other chemicals that can cause damage to the hair.

Stay healthy: It's not only about what you put on your hair that matters, but also what you put inside your body. Maintain a diet that is rich in Vitamins, Iron and Zinc that help in preventing your hair from becoming dull, thin and dry. Indulge in different kinds of berries and fruits like kiwis, oranges and papaya, while also gorging on all things green.

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