"The CBI is doing its duty. Nobody should put obstacles in the way of the CBI conducting its duty and responsibility. Everyone must help in that. I would suggest that the case should not be influenced by making statements. You are weakening the fight against corruption by politicising the issue. Let us not obstruct the CBI from doing its duty," Naidu told media here.

Further maintaining the Centre's its stand, Naidu said the government has no role in the CBI raid. "The AAP functionary (Mr Joshi) himself has filed this complaint. What do they have to say about this? Prashant Bhushan filed public interest litigation. The raid has not taken place in the CM's personal office.it is about an officer, who is facing enquiry," he added.

"The public prosecutor was pressurized and threatened. He has written to the Government saying that he wants to withdraw from the case. All this shows there is something serious happening. Let the enquiry be over," the Union Minister cited.

Mocking the Opposition, Naidu asked whether the CBI should wait for an auspicious time to do its work.

"The Opposition should cooperate. If they are sincere to fight against corruption, they must all really appreciate the action taken by the CBI," he added.

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