The G Pro Lite is an affordable Android device which has been especially designed for those who want to experience the best in terms of design, software and hardware without shelling extra bucks.

The LG G Pro Lite is priced at Rs 22,990, but it can be owned online for under Rs 20,000. When compared, the Sony Xperia C or even the Samsung Galaxy Grand make a much better buy than the G Pro Lite. The reason for this is that LG went overboard with the reductions, leaving us with a very underpowered handset.

The phablet performs better than others only in term of battery life and decent camera performance but falls flat in practically in other terms.  It has very low resolution display considering panel size, no NFC or GLONASS, an outdated processor and has no ambient light sensor.

The Micro-USB port and the microphone are located at the bottom accompanied by dual speakers; something that we could say is an addition to the G Pro Lite, when compared to its predecessor.