The two minute vox pops video showed LG asking the view of consumers about their ideal tablet and also hinted at some of the specifications of its upcoming G Pad tablet.

According to the video, the new tablet will flaunt an 8.3-inch full HD display, a thin design. It will be able to connect to Smart TVs.

In the video, the consumers shared their views on their ideal tablet. They pointed out the key features of a perfect tablet. Tablet’s size, display and weight appeared to be their major concerns.

The consumers claimed that the existing tablets are too big to take out and therefore an ideal tab should be portable, easy to carry, with impressive features and overwhelmingly speed -- of opening and closing applications. The consumers also voted for a device that links with other smart devices such as TVs, phones and computers.

Although LG reveals no specifics about the tablet, it is planning to launch. It hinted at a smart, light and handy gadget.

LG in the YouTube video description said, "A large, high-quality screen is essential for watching your favorite program. But it often makes the tablet too big to take with you."

"A small and light tablet is easy to hold in one hand. But playing games isn't much fun on a small, lower resolution display." The moral of the story: "Prepare to be amazed," LG said.

The G Pad 8.3 is expected to be unveiled officially in IFA consumer electronics show in September.