The latest range of AC is designed to assist local consumers in their daily fight against mosquitoes. Completely harmless to humans, LG’s clever system gives an alternative to dangerous chemical-based insecticides and repellents.

It repels mosquitoes away and prevents more mosquitoes from entering the room with its Ultrasonic technology, without using any harmful chemicals.

The AC is high on demand this summer and has15-20 percent of market share.

“The LG air conditioner has been sold out from March to till date in market by 15-25 percent,” said Saurabh Baisakhia, business head of LG air conditioner, India.

The efficacy of LG’s technology has been certified by Intertek, the international product testing and Inspection Company based at London, the United Kingdom, and the International Institute of Bio-Technology and Toxicology (IIBAT) in India.

Meanwhile, LG’s innovative ultrasonic wave technology has been declared ‘safe for use’ by Germany’s TÜV NORD. The European Commission has conferred its CE product conformity mark on the Mosquito Away system in recognition of its electrically-safe design. Conveniently, this mosquito-repelling function can be turned on independently of cooling; helping to prevent unnecessary energy usage.

In addition, LG has also developed a unique Himalaya cool technology feature that provides instant cooling to user by focusing on cooling in the living space through smart airflow and 2 times faster vertical air swing.

Using this technology the room is cooled upto 28 percent faster and saves energy upto 26 percent. This range also features another unique function to help consumers cope with the Monsoon season’s oppressive humidity.

The Monsoon Comfort function uses a seven-step control system to create an incredibly pleasant indoor environment, perfectly balancing temperature with humidity levels and preventing the room from becoming too cold.

For pure and clean air, LG’s advanced double filtration system has been included to clean the air and protect the health of the consumers and their family.

LG’s 3M Micro Protection filter generates strong electrostatic power to capture microscopic substances over the size of 0.3 micrometers, including pollen and fine particles, which can cause respiratory ailments.

The Mosquito Away’s Dual Protection filter collects tiny dust particles over three micrometers in size and utilizes an effective anti-bacterial function to further ensure air quality in the home.

Mosquito Away feature are available in LG Terminator series in capacity of 1.0 to 2.0 ton in price range of Rs 34,990 to Rs 53,490.


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