Monrovia: Liberia's Nobel peace laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been sworn in a lavish USD 1.2 million ceremony and called for reconciliation after her reelection in disputed polls divided the nation.

With US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in attendance, the 73-year-old grandmother took the oath administered by the country's Chief Justice Johnnie Lewis as thousands looked on from the grounds of the Capitol building on Monday.

"We have earned our rightful place as a beacon of democracy, a country of hope and of opportunity," Sirleaf said marking her ascent to a second term in office since the end of a brutal 14-year war.

"The cleavages that led to decades of war still run deep but so too does the longing for reconciliation."

Sirleaf said the nation needed a process of national healing not defined "by tribe, region, religions or ethnicity but by equality of opportunity and a better future for every Liberian."

This meant "creating jobs, opportunities and giving our young people skills they need to prosper and create life they choose".