Fierce clashes erupted between various militia groups in central Tripoli last week, killing two people and injuring many others. The anti-militia protesters then called for a general strike and launched a civil disobedience campaign until the armed men leave.

Earlier on Friday, hundreds of people gathered in front of the Al Quds Mosque in downtown Tripoli to urge the armed groups to move out of the capital.

The protesters, who latter headed to Southwestern Tripoli, where the military base of a militia group from the Western city of Misrata is situated, encountered some militiamen who opened fire with RPGs and heavy machine guns.

The militia group from Misrata is allegedly involved in the bloody clashes last week.

Many people were killed on the spot, and the victims were sent to Abu slim hospital, Central Tripoli Hospital and Tripoli Medical Centre.

Speaking on television, regional commander of the Misrata militia group, Taha Bashaga, contended that the protesters were armed and opened fire first. He insisted that his brigades would not leave Tripoli until the country draws up a new constitution.

Two years after the 2011 uprising, the Libyan authorities are still struggling to rein in tens of armed militia groups roaming the country. Murders and kidnappings of security officers as well as political activities are registered on daily basis, leaving a number of people dead.


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