Tripoli: Libyan rebels captured the Ras Jdir border post on the frontier with Tunisia, which it was feared Muammar Gaddafi might use to escape, as the hunt for the fugitive strongman continued on Saturday.

While fighting was still under way on various fronts, with the insurgents working to consolidate their hold on Tripoli, focus increasingly turned to a post-Gaddafi era, with calls for reconciliation and a peaceful transition.

The rebels claimed late on Friday a new military success with the capture of Ras Jdir.

A Tunisian official said loyalists fled as more than 100 rebels arrived and raised their flag.

As one potential escape route for Gaddafi was closed off, a news agency quoted a rebel source as saying a motorcade of six armoured cars that could be carrying Libyan officials, even Gaddafii, crossed into Algeria.

The source was quoted as saying the column of vehicles had been escorted by pro-government troops until it entered the town of Ghadames in Algeria. Rebels had not been able to pursue them as they lacked munitions and equipment.

"We think they (the cars) were carrying high Libyan officials, possibly Gaddafi and his sons," the source said.

Algeria declined to recognise the NTC on Friday, insisting it would adhere to the policy of "strict neutrality" adopted since the start of the conflict.

The rebels want to find Gaddafi so they can proclaim final victory in an uprising that began six months ago and wasall but crushed by government forces before NATO warplanes gave crucial air support.