Tripoli: After 42 years of Gaddafi's oppressive rule, Libyans' dream of experiencing democracy will be realised soon, the new Prime Minister of the oil-rich country Abdurrahim al-Keib has said.
"We want to have democracy, we want to have civil society in operation. We would like to have country where people can dream to be the President," he said.
"We will have a country where we have high quality education, high quality medical treatment and respect for humanity and for people views. We have lots of dreams, but I am telling you that we simply want to a live normal life and be a positive force in the world affairs," Keib said.
He said that security will be one of the most pressing challenges for his government as disarmament of rebel fighters in the post-Gaddafi era remains a difficult question.
"We know that people are holding arms... I know that this will take a little bit of time, they need to feel secure, they need to be given the opportunity for a better life. I think we will try to have some programmes that would help them go to back to normal life and then the issue of arms will not be an issue," Al-Keib said.
Saying that he will unveil his cabinet in three or four weeks, Keib said that he was entrusted with a major responsibility.
"I think we will have a cabinet that our people will be proud of. I felt that I have a major responsibility on my shoulders and a job, heavy job that I have to take care of in the next eight months," Keib, who assume charge three days ago, said.
"We have two hundred and forty days and that is about it. That is about it. We have people who are ready and fired up. We are ready to move," he added.
Born in Tripoli in 1950, Keib spent much of his life abroad after leaving the country to escape the oppression of Moammar Gadhafi's 42-year rule. Little known until now, Keib is also an academic who specialises in electrical engineering.
Keib was elected to the post on October 31 by 26 votes of the 56-member National Transitional Council to replace Mahmoud Jibril, who stepped down to honor a promise that he would quit once Libyan strongman Muammar Gadhafi's regime was ousted earlier this year.
The new Prime Minister will lead Libyans to what is expected to be their first democratic elections scheduled for next year.