New Delhi: This Diwali light up lamps filled with mustard oil to reduce air pollution, urges Central Pollution Control Board highlighting the need for maintaining good environment this Diwali.

Senior scientist of CPCB, Dr Dipakar Saha, says that natural oil substances when burnt would stick to the dirt particles. This phenomenon reduces amount of dirt particles in the air leading a substantial decrease in the level of air pollution.

People normally perform Havan in which ghee is burnt as part of ritual performance at their homes. The stuffs such as Ghee used in the oblation during religious ceremony releases such substances in the air which reduces dirt particles in the air. Hence it is recommended to light up oil lamps to make Diwali pollution-free.

He added that smoke and noise pollution on Diwali produced out of fireworks can prove to be hazardous to health, especially for Asthma patients. In such a case, it is advisable to celebrate Diwali without using crackers.

While expressing his concern, Dr Saha further added that around ten days back, an increase in the dust particles in the environment was noticed.  It was caused by the stagnant air in the sky of Delhi. Though, the level of dirt particles appears to have reduced in the past couple of days, but given the possibility of high rise in toxicant particles due to playing of fireworks, it is believed that the sky of national capital could again be covered by smog. This time Diwali is being observed nearly three weeks later than last year. During winter season, air pressure remains low and the speed of the air gets reduced. Hence the smoke will remain in the atmosphere for a longer duration. But if oil lamp is burnt on Diwali, it will largely deduce the toxicant dirt particles.


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