London: Jessie J says that she completely understands why pop star Lady Gaga has to relieve herself in trash cans backstage as the British singer often finds herself in the same situation.

Gaga recently confessed that she urinates in her dressing room when she is unable to make it to the toilet, and Jessie J admits she has also peed into cups when she is denied a bathroom break.

'I read about Lady Gaga. But I wasn't surprised. I pee in cups all the time. When you are a female artist and your day is filled with press and promo (promotional appointments), you have to master p**sing in a cup - or a bin, apparently,' a website quoted the 23-year-old as saying.

'I'm not so much of a diva that I have someone to hold the cup, but a few unfortunate people have had to dispose it for me,' she added.