London: Actress Lindsay Lohan believes the mistakes committed by her are proving to be a lesson for her younger sister Ali, and now her sibling knows ‘what not to do’.

24-year-old Lohan, who has been to rehabilitation centre three times and was recently sentenced to three years probation for stealing a necklace, admitted that she has made so many mistakes in the past, that it has deterred Ali, 17, from behaving badly.

“She's seen a lot of stuff that I've experienced and she knows exactly what not to do. So she kind of knows better through watching me,” a website quoted her as saying.

However, Lohan is not worried about her younger sister being attracted to Hollywood vices and thinks she is 'tougher' than the actress herself.

“She's tougher than I am. She has a good head on her shoulders. Maybe it was different for me because I didn't know what to expect and it just happened really fast. I didn't have a big sister. If I'm going out late, she'll go home early,” Lohan said.