You can invite anyone by simply sending them a URL. You can also see on your phone who is talking by noticing the green dots that appear next to the users.

The calls are free if made over WiFi networks but additional mobile data charges may apply for use of 3G  or 4G networks. Existing LINE users can log in to Popcorn Buzz with their LINE account to immediately synchronise their friends list data and get started making group calls with their LINE friends right away.

Users of the app can create and store various groups and give them names so that it's not a hassle of adding all participants every time you want to make a group call.

Why Popcorn Buzz is Awesome:

Free Group Calls

Talk with up to 200 people at the same time, for free!

Easy Invitations

Invite anyone simply by sending them a URL. Inviting your LINE friends is easy when you log in with LINE.

See Who's Talking

You can tell who's talking at a glance.